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Sunday, March 11, 2012

NCAA Blog/Facebook Contest is Back!

Once again, the Tribune Sports Blog and Facebook Page will be having its own NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest. It will be run - If you played in the past, you're already entered and just need to fill out your bracket. If you're new this year, click on the link. The password is tribune. You must have a CBS Sports ID. The prize is to be determined, but is likely a gift certificate to a local eating establishment. Also, the Tribune's contest (the one sponsored by the paper) will be in Tuesday's paper and online Monday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Am I doing something wrong? I haven't entered before, went to the site, created an ID & password, logged in. When I try to go to the tribune league it says I don't have access to this league & to contact the league commissioner for an invite?

Anonymous said...

Its not you. Ever since Bogan left this whole blog has been a joke. Guaranteed you wont be the only one with this problem!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1, please email me and we will attempt to fix the problem. Perhaps I need to send out invites. It's no big deal, email me and I will get them out.

Anonymous 2, you may remember as soon as Bogan left, I said the blog was not a priority. Sorry if I can't find the time in the 55 hours weeks I put in not to make the blog a "joke". I've been busy making sure the basketball, bowling and wrestling get their proper coverage.

For me, Facebook is the priority, I stated that from Day 1.

Paul P.