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Friday, March 16, 2012

Deacons grabs Day 1 lead

From the message board in our Blog/Facebook Bracket Contest...

Day 1 of the Big Dance is in the books and Brandon Deacons turned in a solid day, only dropping one game to rack up 15 points.
There is a four-way tie for second place while nearly everyone else has eight 13 or 12 points. 
Sports Editor Paul Adams (thanks to CBS’ auto selections) has 13 points while sports writer and NCAA Tournament fanatic Seth Stapleton struggled a little with 11 points.
Our old friend Rick Glaza finds himself in last with only 10 points. Rick took a big hit with UNLV’s comeback falling short. He had the Runnin’ Rebels in the Elite 8. 


Whitetail Freak said...

Not so fast my little friend. The link would not let me enter due to and error, therfore I emailed Paul my bracket...and I only have one loss.

Scott Romzek

Seth Stapleton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seth Stapleton said...

Thanks for bringing to light my poor start Paul! The thing is, I'm a slow starter but a deadly closer. I'm like the Seabiscuit of NCAA tournament bracket pickers.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I thought that entry was for the paper. I will go through and enter it for the CBS one, as well.

Seth, the real question is are you getting beat by your wife again?

Paul P.

Anonymous said...

He gets beat by his wife at almost everything.

Seth Stapleton said...

Funny guy.

But yes, I am getting beat by my wife right now including I do not have ANY correct in the Midwest yet.

Come the end of this thing though, I will be beating my wife. Figuratively speaking of course.