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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 7 Games

This week's games for the Huron Daily Tribune Facebook/Blog Contest, presented by Tri County Equipment. Contestants are playing $20 this week and everyone who entered the first six weeks is in the running for $120 grand prize.

5 Points
Bad Axe at Memphis
EPBP at Reese
Cass City at BCAS 
Caseville at CPS
Kingston vs. St. Joseph
Cardinal Mooney at Deckerville

10 Points
North Huron at Peck
Whittemore-Prescott at Brown City
MSU at Indiana
Michigan at Purdue

15 Points
Marlette at Sandusky
USA at Vassar

25 Points
Owen-Gage at Akron-Fairgrove
Ubly at Harbor Beach

50 Points
Georgia at South Carolina

Tiebreaker (total points): Ubly at Harbor Beach

Week 6 Winner/Results

Chiuk Czlek edged last week's winner Ed Moore to win this week's Huron Daily Tribune Facebook/Blog Contest presented by Tri County Equipment. CC won via a tiebreaker with 180 points. This was moving week in the overall standings. Ed took over first place while many who were in the middle made up some big ground. Everyone listed below is still in the running for the $120 grand prize. Later in the season, we may even have a 100 point game. So please keep playing, as you will have a chance to win the overall prize. If you have any questions or corrections, please contact Paul Adams at Chiuk Czlek, please email Paul Adams with your address and we will get your money out right away. 

Ed Moore 905
Chiuk Czlek 870
Dave Lester 860
T-Dog 865
Paul Adams 845
Dan Gentner 845
Jason O 840
Dave Green 835
Casey Riskey 830
Chad Wingert 825
Gary Hunkins 805
Cody Pfaff  800
Garrett Green 800
Robert Rockefeller 795
Aaron Smith 785
Kellen Bickel 785
Dan Kubacki 780
Horseshoe 780
Brett Ross 775
D. Cook 770
Marty Baker 760
NCTL Alum 02 760
Two Cents Worth 755
Casey Hoff 750
Michael Delpiere 740
James H. 720
Kristin Sherman 700
Gabe Callender 685
Aaron L. Smith 670
S. Fisher 655
Belmont NC 655
Brandon Deacons 650
Scott Jobes 635
Ethan Green 630
Eddie Fury 625