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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 9 Blog Football Contest

Here are the winners for the last few weeks. Please email me with an address I can get the cash out to you.
It will take 3-5 days to get in the mail.
Week 6 – Gary Hunkins... Was 17-1, missing just one game.
Week 7 – Chad Wingert... How the..?! Way to go Chad.
Week 8 – Dave Lester... Nice job from KINGSTON!
Again, email me with an address and I can get the cash out.

Also, the overall standings - ta da - will be posted later. It's pretty tight...

2 pointers
Sandusky at Bad Axe
Ubly at North Huron
Marlette at Peck
Harbor Beach at USA
E. Washtenaw Academy at CPS

5 pointers
Caro at Cass City
EPBP at Imlay City
Frankenmuth at Vassar
BCAS at Saginaw MLS
Mayville at Kingston
Memphis at Brown City
Owen-Gage at A-Fairgrove
Auburn at LSU
Penn State at Northwestern

10 pointers
Deckerville at Armada
Wisconsin at MSU
Falcons at Lions
Washington at Stanford

25 point bonus – Pick the tiebreaker within 1 point either way.
Falcons at Lions, total points...

Again, overall standings later...
Thanks for the patience once again.