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Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 7 Games

Here are the Week 7 games for the Tribune's Facebook/Blog Football Contest, Presented by Tri County Equipment. This contest is completely different from the one that appears in the paper. The rules are simple. The weekly winner will get $20 in cold hard cash. At the end of nine weeks, there will be a $120 grand prize. In order to qualify for that, everyone MUST play all nine weeks - no exceptions. Everyone MUST enter their picks either on Facebook or the Blog.

5 Points
CPS at Peck
Deckerville at North Huron

10 Points
USA at Vassar
Reese at Cass City

15 Points
Ubly at Harbor Beach
Marlette at Memphis
Owen-Gage at Kingston

25 Points
Brown City at Sandusky
Michigan State at Purdue
Penn State at Michigan

50 Points
Big Rapids Crossroads at Akron-Fairgrove
Lions at Vikings

75 Points
New Haven Merritt at Caseville
Bad Axe at EPBP

100 Points
Auburn at Mississippi State

TIEBREAKER (total points): Bad Axe at EPBP

Dragon Slayer wins again

Dragon Slayer was the winner of this week's Facebook/Blog Football Contest presented by Tri County Equipment for the second time. Dragon Slayer tallied 400 points. Below are the full third week standings. Remember to be eligible for the $120 grand prize, you MUST play all nine weeks. Week 7 games will be posted later tonight.

Garrett Green 2165
Michael Lee 2140
Gary Ter Bush 2105
Dave Green 2030
Dragon Slayer 2010
Patrick Sorenson 1970
Dave Lester 1990
Paul Adams 1955
Dan Gentner 1950
Michael Delpiere 1885
Gary Hunkins 1880
Michael Seaman 1875
Berndt Nitzko 1870
Susan Reinke 1840
Ethan Green 1835
Chuck Slick 1825
Deanne Smith 1785
Brett Ross 1785
Christopher Queen 1745
David Connell 1735
Connor Thomas 1715
Robert Rockefeller 1690
Jill Susalla 1685
Ben Schelke 1585
Brandon Deacons 1570
Marty Baker 1570
Ryker Lewis 1555
Jordan Heckroth 1560
Shawn Delacourt 1545
Eddie Fury 1530
Ben Smith 1465
Joe Gorney 1430
David Cook 1365