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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Final Week Winner and Standings

Please note: We had a scoring error. These are the final correct totals. We apologize for the error.

The Huron Daily Tribune Facebook/Blog Football contest, presented by Tri County Equipment, came to an exciting end. Dave Lester took the lead last week and was able to hold to secure himself $120. Lester held off Paul Adams, Robert Rockefeller and Dave Green. Meanwhile, Robert Rockefeller was nearly perfect, as he racked up 450 points to capture the final weekly prize of $20. Robert, please email Paul Adams at with your address for your prize. 

As we conclude this season, I want to thank everyone for playing. It was a learning experience for me and thanks for your patience. I will probably tweak a few things, including asking those who have been emailing me their picks to either post them on the blog or Facebook. As for how the contest is played, it will not be changing. Meaning, the picks will be made public on the blog or Facebook. I will likely be staying with the 500 point system. 

Finally, thank you to Tri County Equipment for stepping up and sponsoring the contest. Without the sponsor, this contest would not be possible. If I can secure multiple sponsors next year, the prize money will grow and we will be able to award money to a weekly runner-up, as well as more places at the end of the season. 

Again, thank all of you for playing, it's been a lot of fun.

Paul Adams
Sports Editor
Huron Daily Tribune 

Here are the final standings. 

Dave Lester 1775
Paul Adams 1770
Robert Rockefeller 1745
Dave Green 1735
T-Dog 1675
Ed Moore 1670
Chiuk Czlek 1625
Dan Gentner 1620
Garrett Green 1610
Cody Pfaff  1585
James H. 1580
Two Cents Worth 1565
Jason O 1560
Chad Wingert 1525
Marty Baker 1505
Gary Hunkins 1505
Brett Ross 1480
Brandon Deacons 1470
Dan Kubacki 1455
Casey Riskey 1445
Ethan Green 1425
Belmont NC 1410
NCTL Alum 02 1410
D. Cook 1410
Michael Delpiere 1405
Kellen Bickel 1405
Horseshoe 1375
Casey Hoff 1350
Eddie Fury 1350
Aaron L. Smith 1340
S. Fisher 1310