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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Football to return to Caseville

From our Facebook page: BREAKING NEWS: The last football game played by Caseville was on Oct. 5, 1990. That's about to change. Caseville AD Tom Kennedy has informed us that the School Board has approved the return of football. The Tribune will have a full story on this next week.


Jesus said...


8man Train said...

Where is Adam Filkins now? I guess the NCTL got bigger with the 8man game.Some people have vision and can see the future while others live in the past.

Chiuk Czlek said...

Really? Rumors are flying that Owen-Gage and Akron-Fairgrove will drop football...Period.

They played 8 man as an alternative to being beat up by much larger schools. Now those much larger schools have decided to play 8-man also.

We will all see what the future brings.

Anonymous said...

sure hope it works out. Great sport