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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Basketball Standings

Here are the basketball standings heading into tonight's games. Please note, we are working with NCTL officials to figured actual league records. We could use help with this. For tonight's full scoreboard, as well as photos from the Brown City at Harbor Beach game and the wrestling match at EPBP, please see our Facebook page.

Boys Basketball

Reese 3 0 6 4
USA 2 0 6 3
Bad Axe 1 2 4 4
Cass City 1 2 5 5
EPBP 1 2 4 5
Vassar 1 1 2 7
BCAS 0 2 1 6

Sandusky 2 1 8 4
Ubly 2 1 9 1
Harbor Beach 1 1 9 1
Marlette 1 1 4 6
Brown City 1 1 6 3
Mayville 0 2 1 9

A-Fairgrove 0 0 8 2
North Huron 0 0 3 7
Owen-Gage 0 0 3 6
Caseville 0 0 1 8
Port Hope 0 0 0 9

CPS 0 0 9 0
Deckerville 0 0 7 2
Peck 0 0 6 5
Kingston 0 0 6 5
Memphis 0 0 5 6

*NCTL standings are being compiled by league officials

Brown City at Harbor Beach
Mayville at Ubly
Bad Axe at Vassar
EPBP at Cass City

Sandusky at Brown City
Harbor Beach at Marlette
Bad Axe at Ubly
Vassar at BCAS
Cass City at Reese
Akron-Fairgrove at Peck
Owen-Gage at CPS
Caseville at Kingston
Port Hope at Deckerville

Girls Basketball

Reese 5 0 12 0
Cass City 4 1 9 3
EPBP 4 2 8 5
USA 3 2 6 5
Vassar 2 2 7 4
Bad Axe 1 5 4 7
BCAS 0 6 2 8

Marlette 4 0 11 1
Sandusky 3 1 8 4
Harbor Beach 2 2 3 8
Brown City 3 1 9 4
Ubly 1 4 2 10
Mayville 0 5 0 10

Port Hope 0 0 7 4
North Huron 0 0 6 7
Owen-Gage 0 0 5 5
A-Fairgrove 0 0 4 9
Caseville 0 0 1 11

Deckerville 0 0 11 1
CPS 0 0 8 3
Kingston 0 0 8 4
Memphis 0 0 6 7
Peck 0 0 1 10
*NCTL standings are being compiled by league officials

Sandusky at Brown City
Harbor Beach at Marlette
John Glenn at Mayville
Bad Axe at Ubly
Vassar at BCAS
Cass City at Reese
Peck at Akron-Fairgrove 
CPS at Owen-Gage
Kingston at Caseville
Deckerville at Port Hope


Anonymous said...

Thumb Rankings: Here is my stab at how they rank 1-23.

1. Ubly - Looks like the best team in the area.
2. Harbor Beach - They could easily be number 1 and with another win over Ubly could prove it.
3. CPS - Very talented team, but not very deep. Will be tested against Ubly and Sandusky.
4. Sandusky - Playing very well right now.
5. Reese - Plagued by some injuries. The addition of Archie Naert helps big time.
6. USA - Coach Gainsforth has his team playing much better as of late.
7. Brown City - Have struggled, but any Tony Burton coached team will get better as the season progresses.
8. Bad Axe - Coach Quinn has his team competing with anyone right now.
9. Laker - Young team who will pull some upsets as the season goes on.
10. Akron Fairgrove - Solid team who would be unreal if Brett Stockton and Archie Naert were still Vikings. Tyler Crane is the real deal.
11. Deckerville - Coach Klee has done a great job with the Eagles
12. Marlette - Disappointing, underachieving.
13. Cass City - The Hawks are a big question mark right now.
14. Memphis - Solid team who could be the team to upset CPS.
15. Vassar - See Marlette.
16. Kingston - The Cardinals are capable of upsetting some teams. An undefeated JV team brings hope to the future.
17. Peck - Very talented team, who is also capable of pulling off an upset.
18. Owengage - How long before the Bulldog faithful get sick of the Brett Stockton show ?
19. North Huron - Coach Empkie will get the most out of his Warriors.
20. BCAS - Down this year, but still capable of some upsets.
21. Mayville - Kingston transfer Nick Vassalo will help the Wildcats.
22. Caseville - Coach Troshak has the Eagles heading in the right direction.
22. Port Hope - The Bluestars have been competitive lately.

Anonymous said...

CPS is by far the best in the thumb. O-G, its a matter of time before they through Stockton kid out. A-F, if they had Stockton and Naert they wouldn't be playing TEAM ball as much, TEAM outweighs Talent, anyday. Deckerville, is ok, that coach is decent he has a solid senior core with some talented players too. Memphis and Kingston, underachievers. Peck, is a tough team and they will come along later in the season. Caseville and Port Hope, well they have a long time before they can have a chance at a title of some sort. North Huron, very tough team and coachable team too, they will be a tough team to beat the 2nd time around. Thats the scoop with the NCTL at least.

Paul Adams said...

Without question, CPS is the top team in the Thumb right now. The Tigers beat Brown City 66-44 on the road. Harbor Beach just beat Brown City 57-54 at home. CPS still plays Ubly and Sandusky, so it will have a further chance to prove itself.

My top three have been CPS, Harbor Beach, Ubly.

Also, lookout for USA. The Patriots have won seven straight and look legit.

I also think Bad Axe is very much improved.

A quick thought on the Lakers, they are young and talented. Their time is coming. They just a win to bring it all together.

Thank you for your comments.

Paul Adams said...

Going to be some big time shuffling in the polls this week. CPS is still No. 1, Harbor Beach No. 2, after that, it's up in the air. I'm leaning towards USA.

Chiuk Czlek said...

My Top Ten.

1: CPS

2: Harbor Beach

3: USA

4: Ubly

5: It would be very helpful if updated standings could be posted every Monday.

6: Great to see that this blog will continue... I despise Facebook

Paul Adams said...

Your top four were exactly what I had. I felt USA deserved to move up past Ubly, even though the Bearcats beat the Patriots earlier in the season. USA is the hottest team in the GTC right now.

We will begin doing the standings Friday when they are finalized.

Like Facebook or not, it's not going anywhere. When we posted the news about Caseville, it was one of our most commented stories. Opposed to three comments here.

Thank you for your input.

Chiuk Czlek said...

Standings on Saturday morn/Friday night is even better!

Thanks Paul and Seth

brett stockton said...

I don't play team ball that's why I get 6 assist a game this sites a joke I love how the only person it says bad stuff about if me to I'm glad you guys can hate on a 16 year old kid on a blog how you feel good

brett stockton said...

I don't play team ball that's why I get 6 assist a game this sites a joke I love how the only person it says bad stuff about if me to I'm glad you guys can hate on a 16 year old kid on a blog how you feel good

Anonymous said...

leave brett alone people. He is a solid player. Without his contributions(mostly in scoring where they desperately NEED it), owen gage would be terrible. They lost to mayville the first time without brett. Then they beat them by 40 with brett. Yea, i think he is making a positive difference.

Anonymous said...

Quit your whining little kid. You put this upon yourself.

Anonymous said...

They beat Mayville both times with Brett and Mayville is terrible anyways, you should beat them with or without Brett. Losing without him and losing with him = no difference, period. Its all about the win-loss columns, not about his 6 assists a game or points, or stats.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Brett hopefully you get a good education because your typing and grammar is terrible too.

Anonymous said...

why are you guys hating on a high school player. Who cares if he scores all the points? who else is going to score for OG??

Anonymous said...

Og beat memphis today I don't think they would of without Brett Stockton and they won 7 games this year compared to 3 last year there teams starting to look good going to be a tough team come playoffs

Anonymous said...

Og has won over 2 times more with brett then last year with 2 games left they could win 9 games 3 times more then last year

brett stockton said...

Thanks for standing up for me and I think we will be a good team to and thanks I love haters makes me work harder