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Monday, November 8, 2010


Yes, I am very, very late with these, but better late than never...
The Playoff Version winner of the blog football contest is Chiuk Czlek, who got all the 5 and 10 pointers correct and missed just a couple of the 2 pointers.
Chiuk Czlek please re-email me your address so I can get the prize out to you....

AND FINALLY... The overall winner of the 9 week blog contest is...
NCTL Alum, who had 592 total points.
The overall race was very close heading into the last week, with NCTL Alum, Dan Gentner and coachestake all within 3 points of each other...

ONCE AGAIN, thanks to all who played the contest and for all your patience during the season compiling the winners and the standings.
NCTL Alum gets a $35 gift certificate to any Huron County eating establishment. I will email you NCTL Alum, and see what you want...

Here are the final overall standings...
NCTL Alum 592
Dan Gentner 585
coachestake 574
Chiuk Czelk 567
Kellen Bickel 554
DA Green 554
Gary Hunkins 545
Fan77 542
Horseshoe 540
spartyon 539
halfway ed 533
willowrun 528
thumbtailgater 525
twocentsworth 524
jillms22 520
JEH34 505
chad wingert 492
oldtymer75 488
Brad 477
justchimingin 474
fletch lives 445
Dan Rutkowski 441
james harris 439
epbp92 425
shane o'connor 416
Jesus 412
rockefeller 397
crackersnake 354
Peter 339
bob bechtel 201
bodeen 276
john woycik 141
kent zebra 138
budman_48413 129
lakers65 103
ed witkowski 85
dustin mazure 80
bossick 65
Thumbdude 54
papa smurf 53
jcreguer 50
kbechtel 46
brandon deacons 45
pure thumb 29
Braylonisnumberone 23
EagleDad2 18
jymcheck 17

WE HAD about 15 entries enter under ANON. We had 1 ANON winner, who we were able to identify.

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