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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Highlights...


• Great showings by Deckerville and Ubly on Friday night. I really believe both teams have a shot at winning this weekend and heading to the state semifinals.
Ubly's opponent, Ravenna, is a very good team, but certainly beatable.
Deckerville's opponent, Fulton, has won a pair of road games against two excellent teams in Fowler and New Lothrop. Winning three straight on the road is going to be tough.
The Tribune will preview these games this week, as well as have some feature stories from both programs.

• Kudos to the Cass City, Caseville and Deckerville voleyball teams for winning district championships.
All three teams are in action tonight at regional events at New Lothrop and Peck.
Cass City has its hands full against Reese tonight.
Caseville and Deckerville could very well play for the regional title once again. Caseville plays Bay City All Saints while Deckerville takes on Burton Faith.

• Oh, the Lions. What a disappointing loss. Coach Jim Schwartz has taken some heat for throwing the ball on third down late in the game. I actually liked the call, but Drew Stanton has to be smart enough to know that if it's not a 100 percent sure thing, just eat it and take the sack. Instead, he tried an off-balance throw to a fullback.
As for Matthew Stafford, I am worried. Stafford has all the potential to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.
But after missing a lot of last season, and playing just one full game this season, his body seems to be held together with Scotch tape, spit and some hope.
How Schwartz can’t be concerned about his durability is being pretty naive.
I’m not questioning his toughness. I’m just questioning his ability to take an NFL-type hit.
The play he went out on in Sunday’s game was nothing more than a fall to the turf.
His nickname has become GLASSFORD on some Internet blogs.
The Lions have a major decision to make in the upcoming weeks. 
To me, they need to shut him down, get him healthy, and plan for the playoffs in 2011.

• What a wild game at Michigan. The triple OT win over Illinois probably saved Rich Rod's job because the Wolverines are now bowl eligible. I see some projections have them going to Texas to play in one of the bowls there against either Baylor or Oklahoma. If they beat Purdue next week, then I think that's a legitimate place to go.
If they don't, and wind up 6-6 overall and a shoddy 2-6 in the Big Ten, why not just suck it up, stay in Michigan, and play at Ford Field in the Little Caesars Bowl. Michigan will never do that - it has nothing to gain by beating a MAC school - but I think it would be the right thing to do.

• The Tigers re-signed Jhonny Peralta with an $11.25 million, two-year contract with a club option for 2013. The team announced Peralta’s return Monday, less than three weeks after re-signing third baseman Brandon Inge for a similar price.
Now, go after a big bat and a catcher. Then I will be back on the bandwagon - again.

• How quickly have the Pistons fallen off the radar. Has there ever been a trade more damaging to an NBA team than getting rid of Chauncey Billups? The Pistons are on the verge of becoming the worst team in the league. 

Who else has some stuff from the weekend?


Anonymous said...

Great job and excellent game to the Bearcat-13! This weekend will be their greatest test yet. My concern is that Ravenna was able to wear down Merrill over the course of the game and come back from 2 TDs down in the second half. Hopefully the Bearcat-13 is well rested, they'll need all their energy for this one.

Anonymous said...

tom selleke, is that you. junior high season gets over & now it is time to get on the varsity about playing guys both ways. didn't gibby play both ways for state?

Anonymous said...

It seems every town has an idiot that has some axe to grind and unfortunately Ubly is no different. If you would put down your axe and watch the game it may occur to you that Ubly plays more than 13 people. When they play the T formation they play a different 11 player on offense than when they play from a spread formation. On the defensive side when they play a five man front they play a different 11 than when they play a 4 man front and they play yet a different 11 than when they play a three man front.

Now on Friday night I didn't see them run a spread formation so they probably did not play as many as they often do. But they did run all three fronts on defense and as a consequence more than 13 players actually played.

Please put the axe down it is sharp enough, work on your eyesight you may actually see the game. It much more enjoyable when you see how truly hard this group of 29 has been working.

Anonymous said...

No axe to grind at all. Bearcat-13 is just a term that has been going around for years, so it's nothing new. I graduated from Ubly, so I still follow the team each week although my kids go to a neighboring school.

Ubly has always had quality backups, they just don't get a chance to play which is too bad, but it is what it is. Also, your "different 11" players based on scheme results in maybe 1-2 players getting subbed in a little, but still rare from what I have observed. Maybe I'm wrong though, but will pay closer attention this weekend.

Again, no axes to grind and I never meant to offend anyone. This is just a term I've been hearing and thought it was kind of funny since there's alot of truth to it. But I'm just a spectator, so what do I know?

Regardless, please don't be irresponsible and call players out by name (this is not Tom Selleke by the way) or even call other posters names, let's not take anything away from the team's accomplishments. Based on the previous posts, it sounds like I ruffled the feathers of a couple coaches. But like I said, it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

It'll be good for the Michigan economy to have the Wolverines in the Pizza Pizza Bowl. They can see how they stack up against Temple.

Anonymous said...

I am not a coach, I don't know who this Tom Selleke guy is. I am just a spectator who is proud of his grandson on the team. I'm proud of his contribution to the team and the fact even though he didn't get playing time Friday night he stood with his helmet on and was ready to play if called upon to do so, just like all his other teammates around him. I'm proud of the smile on his face and his finger in the air during the post game photo.

I have never been to an Ubly practice but from what he tells me it's not easy street, nobody gave these kids a spot on the team they earned it! The fact that some individuals get more playing time than others is a fact of life. The fact that most of the players perform at a high level when called on to play is a tribute to the team and the way they prepare.

I apologize for concluding that your comments were based on an axe to grind. But, in my opinion, anyone who refers to that hard working group as the Bearcat-13 is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I played for Ubly in 2003 when we we made our first semifinals appearance. While I played both ways, I can assure that we would not have been nearly as successful had it not been for the way our reserves/2nd string players challenged us in practice. They were always prepared, knowledgable of the opponents schemes, and never took a play off. It made us better, and its a big reason why Ubly continues to be successful each year. I think thats also a tribute to the coaching staff. Not everyone is going to get in the games, thats just how sports are; to refer to this team as the Bearcat-13 is not accurate at all. No offense taken from the comment itself, but the current and recent players would confirm what i wrote above.

SpartyOn said...

I was also on that 2003 Ubly team and can only agree with the above post. No matter what team your on there always has to be a lot of credit to those given that don't see playing time on a regular basis. As stated above it's the reserves that challenge the starters everyday in practice and prepare them. Without those guys helping prepare the team would never be as good as it is. Maybe only 13 or 14 guys play in a game, but its every guy on that team that plays a key role. Lots of important things in sports don't show up on a stat sheet. More than likely if you refer to a team as the ******-13 you never played and don't understand this concept but I hope some of us were able to enlighten you and make you realize just what a TEAM is.

Congrats on a great season so far Ubly and good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

i like how no one here has enough balls to say there name and if they have a problem grow a pair and go deal with this tom selleke guy but rather then that it sounds like u guys can get fucked

Anonymous said...

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