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Monday, September 9, 2013

Tyler Scharf wins Week 2 and overall standings

Tyler Scharf was the winner of this week's Tribune Facebook/Blog Football Contest, sponsored by Tri-County Equipment. Tyler turned in a perfect score of 500 points. Mike Gallagher maintained his overall lead, with another solid effort. There was plenty of movement up and down the leaderboard. Below are the official standings of those who have play all of the weeks and remain eligible for the overall prize of $120. There were a couple of names at the bottom that we either missed or dropped out. If you believe there is a mistake, please contact Paul Adams at Also, Tyler Scharf, please email Paul with your address to claim you weekly prize. This week's game will be posted later tonight. 

Mike Gallagher 875
Gary TerBush 785
Gary Hunkins 775
Jeremy Romain 775
Dan Kubacki 775
Michael Delpiere 750
Berndt Nitzko 750
Corbin Swiastyn 750
Dan Gentner 725
Dave Green 725
Garrett Green 725
Paul Adams 700
Connor Thomas 700
Aaron L. Smith 685
Scott Fisher 675
Ethan Green 675
Tyler Scharf 660
TwoCentsWorth 650
Chad Wingert 650
Horseshoe 625
Dave Lester 625
Nathan Haag 625
Eddie Fury 625
Christopher Hagedon 610
Robert Rockefeller 610
Kevin Hammond 600
Andrew Nowak 600
James Earl Harris 575
Ckiuk Czlek 575
Dale Johnson 565
MartyandDebby Baker 550
Jason O 550
Willow Run 550
John Michael Mooney 545
Jill Susalla 475
Trace Lopez 460
Cory Sosnoski 360
Jason-Vicki Pfaff 320
John Creguer 250
Cory Will 200

1 comment:

Kellen Bickel said...

Hi Paul, I guess my name did get left off the overall list. I didn't get my picks in on time for Week 1 but I'll be submitting them each week now. Maybe I'll get lucky with some 100 pointers! Thanks.