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Monday, September 2, 2013

Mike Gallagher wins Week 1

Mike Gallagher was the big Week 1 winner of the Huron Daily Tribune Facebook/Blog Contest, Presented by Tri-County Equipment.  In a tough week of games, Mike missed just one contest - Montrose's win over Reese. For his efforts, he gets $20 in cold hard cash and is in the overall lead of the contest. Please email Paul Adams at with your information and we will get your prize out right away. 

Also, everyone listed here is eligible for the overall grand prize of $120. Please keep in mind if you had a bad week or a good one, with our 500-point system, things can change quickly. 

This week's games will be posted later tonight. 

Week 1 Results 
Mike Gallagher 425
Cory Sosnoski 360
Dave Green 350
Michael Delpiere 350
Gary Hunkins 350
Berndt Nitzko 325
Corbin Swiastyn 325
Jason-Vicki Pfaff 320
Gary TerBush 310
Paul Adams 300
Dan Kubacki 300
Scott Fisher 300
Connor Thomas 300
Ethan Green 300
Jeremy Romain 300
Ckiuk Czlek 300
Dan Gentner 300
Kevin Hammond 300
TwoCentsWorth 300
Jason O 300
Garrett Green 275
Horseshoe 275
James Earl Harris 275
Dale Johnson 250
Willow Run 250 
John Creguer 250
Dave Lester 250
Nathan Haag 250
Aaron L. Smith 235 
Christopher Hagedon 235
Robert Rockefeller 235
Trace Lopez 235
Andrew Nowak 225
Cory Will 200
Eddie Fury 200
Chad Wingert 200
Jill Susalla 175
MartyandDebby Baker 175
John Michael Mooney 160
Tyler Scharf 160

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