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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Round 1 complete

You may have not called Harvard's win over New Mexico, or Florida Golf Coast's historic upset of Georgetown. But Rod Szcygiel did and it has him in first place in the Tribune's Blog/Facebook NCAA Bracket Contest, Sponsored by Tri County Equipment.
Despite all out carnage in the West bracket, Szcygiel suffered only two losses in that region, even calling Ole Miss over Wisconsin. He has 27 points and is in control of this contest, with all of his Final Four intact. There is still a long way to go, but Szcygiel could be difficult to catch.

Huron Daily Tribune sports editor Paul Adams stands alone in second, with 26 points. But he will start falling back, as his West bracket is all but shot.

There is a five-way tie for third, as Brandon Gaeth, Doug Regentin, Joe Messing, Lane Walker and Martin Messing all have 25 points.

After a tough first day, Tribune sports writer Seth Stapleton put together a nice effort in Day 2, to finish tied for 83rd with 20 points.

Good luck in Round 2!

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