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Monday, October 15, 2012

How picks are entered

For this contest, picks have been entered to me three different ways - through the blog, through Facebook and through email. I guess I could make the email picks public, until this point there hasn't been a need to. Perhaps for the future, I will require everyone to make their picks through only Facebook or the blog.

This was my first year running this contest, it was a learning experience. For the most part, I think everything has went smooth. I am open to any and all suggestions.

Paul Adams
Tribune Sports Editor


Anonymous said...


You did a great job this year with the picks. I think for the blog contest you should post your picks online or be ineligible for any weekly or end of the year prizes. Why be secretive and send them to you. More work for you, right ? Dave Lester

Chiuk Czlek said...

I agree Dave. Would be nice to see Paul's picks once the contest is closed at 7:00 PM Friday.

ChiukCzlek said...

BTW Paul,

I was only kidding about making easy picks worth more points and harder picks for less. Reese/W-P for 5? USA/HB for 10? And Memphis/Algonac for 50?

Those 1st two could easily go either way, while Algonac will destroy Memphis.

Paul Adams said...

Thanks guys, Like I said, this is the first year, so I'm looking for feedback. I will take everything into consideration.

Also, my picks are posted on Facebook just before the deadline.

CC, I was having a little trouble with the point totals this week. But, I don't think WP comes within 20 of Reese and Harbor Beach will continue to roll.

ChiukCzlek said...

I Keep abreast with the guys in NE Michigan. They believe W-P can keep it close and even win. Reese darn near almost lost last week and the Cards are a much better team than the Pats

Paul Adams said...

The same WP team that lost to the third place team in the GTE. That's really what I based my decision on.

Putting point values on these games isn't an exact science, especially on a week with so many non-conference games.

D.COOK said...

Flint Beecher
tie-breaker 46pts

Anonymous said...

Maybe now would be a good time to post the picks that get e-mailed to you. Somehow being this is the last one for the big money it doesn't seem totally fair that they can see our picks & play off of them to win the grand prize but we can't do the same. Sust sayin'.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

5 points, Armada win, Reese win. 10 points, Ubly win, Harbor Beach win,. 15 points, Frankenmuth win, Cass City win, Flint Beecher win. 25 points, Brown City win,Owen Gage win, Imlay City win. 50 points, C.P.S. win, Algonac win. 75 points, Marine City Cardinal Mooney win, Deckerville win. 100 points, Michigan win. tie breaker U.S.A. AT Harbor Beach total points scored. 61 points. robert rockefeller.

Paul Adams said...

While it is a possibility to look at another person's picks, I don't believe that happens all that much. The blog contest is something Bogan started, it's something I continued on my own time. If it's not that popular, then I can discontinue it and save some time in my very busy week.

T-Dog said...

Paul, I think you did a great job with this contest this year. Especially keeping the points totals updated each week. I looked forward to it every week. I'm with you on using only Facebook or the Blog though.

TwoCentsWorth said...

Easy "Rock", reseach, stealing picks? WOW! I thought this was High School football picks, not the secret formula. Great job as always Paul! Keep it going! Thanks.

JustChimingIn said...

Robert wake up and smell the coffee this is a fun contest don't make it anymore than that. Paul has a lot of other responsiblities and I for one appreciate the contest for what it is FUN. Paul, keep up the good work. As a side note Robert you could always start your own blog/contest and give away your own 20.00.