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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spartans lose...brackets busted

Michigan State was stunned by Louisville and the Spartans took many brackets with them. 
Nearly everyone in our contest this year had MSU in the Final Four, 15 of them had the Spartans winning the championship. It's pretty likely, those who had them winning are done. 
I have checked some of the remaining brackets and there are a couple that have Florida and Louisville in the Final Four. 
Drew Brining and Martin Baker are currently tied for the lead, but both had MSU winning the championship. 
Rob Atwood is in fourth, but has Florida making his Final Four, along with Kentucky, Ohio State and Kansas. 
Todd Schave is tied for 10th, but has Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State and Kanas in the Final Four.
Others that are still in the hunt to score 90 or more points are: John Thorpe, Brad Susalla, Chad Wingert and Paul Adams. 


Anonymous said...

Wish I played your contest. I've been way down all tournament but finally reached the top 30 percentile(Yahoo) and have all my final 4. Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio St and North Carolina!

Chiuk Czlek

Anonymous said...


Laugh out loud,

Anonymous said...

And now, for something completely different...

Way back in the times of yesteryear, myself and a couple of buddies from Ubly got jobs in the city. For some obscurer reason, we shared an upper story apartment in a dilapidated house in downtown Ypsilanti with three guys from Kentucky. John, Don and I sleep on the floor of the kitchen/livingroom while the "hillbillies" shared the only bed in the other room. The guy in the middle sleep with his head between the others 2 guys feet! Didn't stay there long, the bedbugs were bad.


Anonymous said...

the ncaa womens tourney lacks the excitement the mens tournament has that draws the casual fan. I understand they play with better fundamentals and appreciate their scholarships much more than the men who dream of big nba $$ and in many ways the men's athleticism is beyond what Naismith ever dreamed with peach baskets. However the womens tourney is not exciting to watch, the is a large disparity between teams. very few upsets happen (4 1st round counting a 9 over an 8) and all the brackets ended up 1 vs 2 for the final four with all 4 #1s winning by double digits.