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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preseason All-Tribune

Here are the Preseason All-Huron Daily Tribune Boys and Girls Basketball Teams...

Ubly's Marshall Leipprandt – Reigning All-Thumb Player of the Year. Averaged 18.9 points and 7.4 rebounds per game. 

Harbor Beach's Andrew Siemen – Averaged around 14 points per game. Second-team All-GTE

Bad Axe's Jesse Quinn – Averaged 10.6 points and 4.3 rebounds from the point guard spot. Second-team All-GTW.

Owen-Gage's Hunter Champagne – One of the area’s best scorers and shooters. First-team All-NCTL.

Harbor Beach's Eli Kraft – Earned honorable mention all-league as a freshman.

Ubly's Josh White – With Leipprandt, gives Ubly great 1-2 punch. Honorable mention All-GTE.

Cass City's Logan Rowell – Averaged 11.2 points and 7.4 rebounds.
EPBP's Kayla Deering – Came on strong to earn second-team All-GTW as a freshman.
USA's Miranda Fuerst  – Once she gets it in the paint, it’s usually two points.
Harbor Beach's Tori Kraft – Could emerge as the area’s best all-around player.
Owen-Gage's Christin Harris – One of NCTL’s top players.
Cass City's Carley Hendrick – This could be the year she develops into solid inside threat. 


Anonymous said...

Brett Stockton should be on there then too. He is better than Hunter and he plays at O-G now. Even though he played for A-F 1 game and then he is able to play at O-G because supposedly his parents got an apartment in O-G. Sounds like an illegal case to me.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with this person. He basically had 3 days to move and somehow he moved into Owen-Gage and now he is being investigated by MHSAA. Hello people, this kids parents is screwing him here and if he is eligible to play then the MHSAA should not exist then, this is just common sense.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny, I heard about this kid yesterday. Total illegal case here, O-G is just playing stupid right now. Be careful O-G, also just another story of what goes wrong in High School sports with parents thinking so highly of their kids.

Anonymous said...

The last 3 comments I think are true.

Anonymous said...

This is whats wrong will High School sports..Dad thinks he is an college ballplayer. He was on a team that asked him to play team ball and he and Dad count shots thinking he is an D1 player of all things! AAU has wrecked this kid and parents into thinking that a college is going come a calling for him. 9th grade year Reese (problems with Dad), 10th and one game of 11th grade year Akron-Fairgrove(problems with Dad) of all places Owen Gage( No problems with Dad as he will jack it up 30 times a game and lose by 20 against decent teams).....If he plays one second of this year the MHSAA is a joke. He should not be on this list as he should have to sit out this year.

Anonymous said...

Story goes he never lived in Akrons district either....Dad rents a house they never lived there last year.....If so, poor North Huron as the District title is dirty that Akron won a year ago.

Anonymous said...

From what I heard, he played in the beginning last year and still lost and got injured and sat out 5-6 games anyways during the time he was supposed to sit out, so who cares anyways. They would have to forfeit those games, but they lost anyways so who cares. I have to agree though, its the parent in this case and if a parent is willing to do this for the kid, then man I feel bad for this kid because he isn't going to learn the difference between right and wrong. Shame on you DAD!

Anonymous said...

Marshall Leppraindt kid is really good. Wonder where he is going to go after this year, if he is going anywhere? Good luck to you Marshall!!!

Anonymous said...

And Marshall is a great kid from a great family....Air Force is where he is looking to go.