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Friday, November 11, 2011

Harbor Beach at Nouvel updates

We will be updating the Harbor Beach at Saginaw Nouvel game on this thread throughout the contest tonight.

7-0 Nouvel late in the first quarter... 7:15 pm
7-0 Nouvel after 1 quarter... 7:20 pm
Travis Essenmacher picks off a pass in the end zone for the Pirates, still 7-0... 7:35 pm
Eli Kraft picks off a pass inside the 5-yard line to stop another Nouvel drive... 7:50 pm
7-0 at the half. Harbor Beach is still in it... Good for the Pirates...
Saginaw Nouvel 28, Harbor Beach 0
The Pirates had a great season. They could be even better next year...


Anonymous said...

Nouvel is really talented. They are not coached very well. They are a great running team, but they forget about the run and decide to pass. It is almost like the coach thinks "well we ran the ball all the way down to the 10 yd. line, okay lets change things up. Let's pass- ooops interception."
They outplayed HB and should of won 40 to 0 but they get cute.
It is like last year. They put it to Ubly for 10 minutes. Then Ubly put it to them for 3 quarters.
They are by far the team with the most talent. But their coach is going to screw them over before to long. I wonder if anyone else noticed this tonight?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that last year at the ubly game as well. They could probably line up and score 50, but decide they need to start throwing. I guess you can get away with bad coaching when you can always get the best players.

Anonymous said...

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