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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And you thought I blew it off...

OK, I know everyone who played the Tribune Sports Blog Football Contest this season had thought I was blowing off the final week and the final standings.
That wasn't the case.
I just have been up to my eyeballs with extra work, as well as some other stuff I have been working on.
Regardless of that, I apologize for getting this done so late.
But, better late than never, I guess.

OK, the final week winner was Kellen Bickel, who racked up 80 points and won via the tiebreaker because he picked it right on the button, 39 points...
Kellen, email me your address and I will get out a very crisp 20 dollar bill to you.

And the overall winner is Dan Gentner...
Dan gets a $40 gift certificate to any Huron County eating establishment.
Dan, email me where you want it to and I will get it out ASAP.
Again, thanks everyone for your patience on this... It's extra work for me, but I WANT to do it for our readers.
Here are the FINAL overall standings... (Sorry Justchimingin, you came up JUST short)

FIRST PLACE — Dan Gentner 587
John Creguer 553
2 Cents Worth 542
Justchimingin 536
Gary Hunkins 534
Dave Green 533
Robert Rockefeller 533
Cory Will 529
Dave Lester 524
Chad Wingert 513
T-Dog 509
Marty Baker 507
Willow Run 506
Kellen Bickel 503
PGPape 502
Chiuk Czlek 499
Horseshoe 486
HalfWay Ed 476
Brandon Deacons 474
Nathan Meredith 467
Eddie Fury 467
Jason Osantoski 461
EPBP92 460
JimmyJam 453
Eric Hammis 453
NCTL Alum 442
TD 397
Bodeen 378
Jillms22 355
Shane O. 341
Jeff Maikrzek 321
Bob Bechtel 291
Steve Fletcher 286
CrackerSnake 259
Big Poppy 193
Dragon Slayer 103
Big Ol Nasty Jim 101
Craig H. 81
Dennis Rievert 69
Ed Witkowski 65
JRB 65
Ben N. 47
Thumb Sports 47
Bob Smith 47
Aaron Smith 44
Jason Pfaff 41
Kyle Bechtel 32

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TwoCentWorth said...

Justchimingin takes another beating!