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Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 3 has arrived

Welcome to Week 3...
Please post any scores and/or highlights you have from tonight's area games.
We will post scores when we get them, including the 2 big games — Reese at Harbor Beach and Ubly at Marlette.

Scores as of 11:15 p.m.
Cass City 43, Bad Axe 14 – Josh Jensen rushed for over 200 yards and scored 6 TDs for the Red Hawks.
Harbor Beach 30, Reese 16 – According to Adams, it wasn't even that close.
Marlette 14, Ubly 0 – The streak ends at 34.
USA 36, EPBP 26 – USA is 2-1 overall.
Sandusky 61, Mayville 0
Memphis 27, Kingston 26
Vassar 46, BCAS 7
Deckerville 44, Peck 28
Brown City 55, North Huron 0
A-Fairgrove 18, CPS 13
Marine City Cardinal Mooney 44, Owen-Gage 28


Anonymous said...

HB 6 Reese 8 10 min left 2nd quarter
Any update on the Ubly game?

Anonymous said...

any score on Ubly?

Anonymous said...

Last I heard 0-0 after the 1st quarter for Ubly vs Marlette

HB 22-8 at the half. Reese fumbled three times in the first half. HB can't stop Reese if they don't fumble. HB has to throw the ball in order to move up/down the field.

Anonymous said...

Marlette just scored in the 3rd quarter, they are leading 6-0

Anonymous said...

Well it was a good run Ubly. I think the GTE is stacked this year. HB, Marlette, Sandusky, and Ubly. Seems like HB is #1.

Anonymous said...

Umm GTE is not stacked. The GTE has not been stacked for about 4 years. The GTE is actually quite balanced, but I would not call it stacked. It should be a fun year to watch the teams battle it out. We will be lucky to see a team win the district this year.

Cory will said...

There will be two districts won out of the gte mark my word