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Friday, March 18, 2011

How is your bracket?

We want to know... How is your bracket doing?
I am hanging in there, but my Southeast region is in shambles.


Anonymous said...

Our brackets are doing VERY good!


Rich Mond and Sir Morehead State

Anonymous said...

Got 25 games right and final four teams are still alive

Dustin said...

15-16 sweet 16 teams still alive

Anonymous said...

Looks like U of M is headin the right direction.
Sucks to be a sparty! Good Game.

Anonymous said...

sucks to be a sparty? I don't think so.
One off season doesn't define a program or the direction their headed. They will be back better than ever next season and in the years to come. Same thing happened at Duke not to long ago, a bump in the road isn't always a bad thing.

Dan said...

My bracket isnt looking too good. Purdue, Syracuse, ND all losing today really hurt. Who would have thought that a #10, #11, and #12 would be joining Kansas in the Sweet 16 in the Southwest region.