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Monday, February 28, 2011

Our picks for the girls districts

Girls hoop districts open this evening.
Here are our picks.

Class C hosted by Harbor Beach
Sandusky vs. Harbor Beach – The Redskins are reeling after losing two straight games to close out the regular season.
I don’t see them losing three in a row.
Harbor Beach might push them for a bit, but the Redskins are too strong.
PICK: Sandusky 51, Harbor Beach 36
EPBP vs. Ubly – Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port had a fine season at 14-6 while the Bearcats gave major effort, but were winless.
The Lakers advance.
PICK: EPBP 54, Ubly 32
Bad Axe vs. Cass City – These two teams seem to play every year in the post-season.
The Red Hawks hold a 2-0 regular-season edge, though one of the games did go to overtime.
PICK: Cass City 37, Bad Axe 35
Sandusky vs. EPBP – The Redskins own a 17-point win over the Lakers way back in the early part of the season.
It will be closer this time, but with the same result.
PICK: Sandusky 50, EPBP 46
USA vs. Cass City – Cass City beat the Patriots by four in the only meeting this season.
USA gets some revenge.
PICK: USA 42, Cass City 37
FINALS: Sandusky vs. USA – Sandusky usually plays in the district to the south, battling Greater Thumb East rivals Marlette and Brown City.
This year, the Redskins cruise to the district crown.
PICK: Sandusky 56, USA 43

Class C hosted by Mayville
Vassar vs. Mayville – The Wildcats are no match for the Vulcans.
PICK: Vassar 44, Mayville 30
Dryden vs. Marlette – Next.
PICK: Marlette 60, Dryden 39
Brown City vs. Memphis – Memphis is a very good North Central Thumb League squad. But the Green Devils are a very good GTC squad.
No match.
PICK: Brown City 56, Memphis 43
Vassar vs. Marlette – Marlette beat Vassar by a single point during the middle part of the season.
It happens again.
PICK: Marlette 49, Vassar 48
Brown City vs. New Haven – The Green Devils make it an all-GTE final.
PICK: Brown City 55, New Haven 45
FINALS: Marlette vs. Brown City – Two very good teams with several fine players.
Should be a great game.
Jenna Hirsch, a candidate for Thumb Player of the Year honors, will make a play down the stretch to give the Raiders the title.
PICK: Marlette 40, Brown City 38

Class D hosted by Port Hope
Caseville vs. Port Hope – The Bluestars would be smart to take this game seriously. The Eagles, despite just three wins this season, are a dangerous team.
PICK: Port Hope 33, Caseville 25
Owen-Gage vs. A-Fairgrove – The Bulldogs want another shot at the Bluestars.
PICK: Owen-Gage 49, A-Fairgrove 40
Port Hope vs. North Huron – The Bulldogs get their wish.
PICK: Port Hope 50, North Huron 40
FINALS: Port Hope vs. Owen-Gage – It’s only fitting that the NCTL North Division co-champions meet in the finals.
I like the Bluestars, but not by much.
PICK: Port Hope 51, Owen-Gage 48

Class D hosted by Peck
Peck vs. Deckerville – The Eagles clipped the Pirates twice this season.
Make it three times.
PICK: Deckerville 51, Peck 36
Kimball New Life vs. Kimball Landmark – I like Life!
PICK: New Life 39, Landmark 30
Deckerville vs. CPS – The Eagles roll.
PICK: Deckerville 49, CPS 35
New Life vs. Kingston – The Cardinals didn’t have a great regular season, but they get a shot at a district crown.
PICK: Kingston 44, New Life 29
FINALS: Deckerville vs. Kingston – Kingston beat Deckerville by six points a few weeks ago to even the season series.
The Eagles, though, are off to the regionals again.
PICK: Deckerville 46, Kingston 40
Class C at Harbor Beach
Sandusky at Harbor Beach: Let’s see if the Redskins can snap out of their late-season funk. The Pirates may also be playing without their leading scorer, Tori Kraft.
PICK: Sandusky 50, Harbor Beach 35
EPBP at Ubly: The Lakers had a fine regular season, with a couple of very nice wins. They could be a dark horse in this district.
PICK: EPBP 56, Ubly 30
Bad Axe at Cass City: This is a perfect example of where a neutral site is needed.
PICK: Cass City 45, Bad Axe 40
Sandusky vs. EPBP: EPBP beat Brown City, Brown City beat Sandusky. I’m going with the Lakers. 
PICK: EPBP 51, Sandusky 48
USA vs. Cass City: As big of a tossup game there is in this tournament. 
PICK: Cass City 47, USA 42
FINAL: EPBP vs. Cass City: Cass City is still young. I expect the Red Hawks to compete for a league title next season, but it’s EPBP’s year.
PICK: EPBP 54, Cass City 45

Class C at Mayville
Vassar at Mayville: The up-and-down Vulcans should have no trouble in this game.
PICK: Vassar 61, Mayville 35
Dryden at Marlette: Dryden may have switched leagues, but it’s still no match for one of the best teams in the GTC.
PICK: Marlette 70, Dryden 39
Brown City at Memphis: The Yellowjackets had a fine year, rolling through the NCTL South. They are deep and played a tough non-league schedule. This could be a little closer than some might think.
PICK: Brown City 55, Memphis 49
Vassar vs. Marlette: We’re heading to an all-GTE championship, so that excludes Vassar.
PICK: Marlette 52, Vassar 43
New Haven vs. Brown City: I know nothing about New Haven, but I know Brown City had a very nice season. That’s enough for me.
PICK: Brown City 59, New Haven 51
FINAL: Brown City vs. Marlette: The teams split the regular season series and this one is on a neutral floor, where it should be. The Green Devils are on a roll after beating Sandusky.
PICK: Brown 59, Marlette 55

Class D at Port Hope
Caseville vs. Port Hope: The Bluestars are gunning for back-to-back district championships.
PICK: Port Hope 53, Caseville 46
Owen-Gage vs. Akron-Fairgrove: Owen-Gage had two goals this season — win an NCTL North championship and a district title. The Bulldogs already accomplished the first part.
PICK: Owen-Gage 59, Akron-Fairgrove 42
Port Hope vs. North Huron: The x-factor will be if the NCTL’s leading scorer, Sara Clancy, can return for the Warriors. If she does, it could drastically affect this tournament. 
PICK: Port Hope 43, North Huron 42 
FINAL: Owen-Gage vs. Port Hope: The two North co-champs square off for a third time after splitting their regular season meetings. 
PICK: Port Hope 41, Owen-Gage 40, OT

Class D at Peck
Peck vs. Deckerville: It hasn’t been quite the year Deckerville was looking for, but I think the Eagles will be refocused for the post-season.
PICK: Deckerville 46, Peck 36
Kimball New Life vs. Kimball Landmark Academy: I know nothing about either. Coin flip — heads for New Life, tails for Landmark. Heads it is.
PICK: Kimball New Life 43, Kimball Landmark 42
Deckerville vs. CPS: The Eagles keep on rolling to another district title.
PICK: Deckerville 51, CPS 44
Kimball New Life vs. Kingston: The Cardinals have played some teams pretty tough this season. I think they have enough to make it to the championship.
PICK: Kingston 59, Kimball New Life 40
FINAL: Deckerville vs. Kingston: Deckerville may have switched leagues, but it won’t prevent the Eagles from winning another title.
PICK: Deckerville 56, Kingston 49


Anonymous said...

bogan callin the upset of the lakers over the redskins wednesday. Usually this man knows his stuff (only because I'm from Harbor Beach and he steers our bandwagon) so I hope to see his bold prediction come through

Anonymous said...

my bad...adams picked the lakers...still, i wanna see it happen!

Anonymous said...

My lead is safe, why not pick the upset?

Paul P.

Anonymous said...

"this one is on a neutral floor, where it should be" isn't that the key to winning any game in this league?