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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My NEW Boys Top 10

Here is my NEW boys Top 10 after Wednesday's games.

1. BCAS (12-3) – The Cougars are getting scoring from more than just Drew Janer. Garrett Bowker had 28 points in a win over Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart on Wednesday. He had 31 a week ago vs. Vassar

2. Harbor Beach (11-3) – The Pirates have steadied the ship after a few struggles in the middle part of the season.

3. Ubly (11-4 CORRECTED, SORRY!) – The Bearcats will get a big test Friday against a pesky Sandusky squad.

4. Marlette (12-4) – The Raiders were bombed by Saginaw Buena Vista earlier this week, but I think any GTC would get bombed against them. Still right there in the hunt for the GTE crown.

5. Reese (9-7) – The Rockets lost four in a row, but have now won four in a row. They still have a shot at the GTW title.

6. USA (9-6) – The Patriots are certainly Cass City fans this Friday when the Red Hawks host BCAS.

7. Sandusky (11-6) – The Redskins have enough talent to still be a factor in the GTE.

8. Cass City (8-7) – The Red Hawks MUST salvage this week with a win over BCAS on Friday.

9. CPS (15-1) – Disappointing second-half showing against Sandusky earlier in the week moves the Tigers way down the poll.

10. Vassar (8-7) – Need a win against a top-tier GTW team to move up the poll.


Anonymous said...

Marlette was actually down only 12 points midway through the third quarter. It was 20 at the beginning of the fourth and Marlette subbed and BV didn't

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but b.v. did sub. its just that when you have that much talent, its hard to keep up too a team thats way out of anybodys league around here. But, Marlette does have a decent looking team this year. They just can't match up to b.v.'s talent and speed.

Anonymous said...

b.v didn't sub that much. george goodman was never out of the game till about 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter whereas Marlette had the bottom of their bench in basically the whole 4th quarter. Thats when the score really pulled away.

Also why is Ubly ahead of marlette? For one you have their record wrong. Ubly has three losses in the GTE alone, and they are not undefeated outside of league.

Please get your stuff right.

Anonymous said...

Marlette also has a shot at GTE League, Ubly doesn't. I'm not bashing Ubly though, they're a really good team. Marlette just isn't getting much credit.

Anonymous said...

If you were at the game, you would have noticed that the score wasn't really that close to began with. So i don't even know where Marlette was a threat to B.V. to even get back into the game.Yes, Goodman was in a lot, but so was Hall for Marlette, who played a very good first half. So again, hats off too both teams.

Anonymous said...

Well we'll just see when them pesky pirates go into your homeland and we'll see who the is the beasts of the east. Until then, the top 10 REALLY DOESN'T MATTER THAT MUCH

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last guy, and that is a huge game.