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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Did you know...

Did you know that some of the girls and boys district basketball drawings have already taken place?
A new twist this season. The opening round games are being played at different sites...
What are your thoughts on that?
Here is the Class C draw which is being "Hosted" by Harbor Beach.
Monday, March 7
Sandusky AT Harbor Beach
Ubly AT Cass City
Bad Axe AT USA
EPBP – Bye

Wednesday, March 9
These games are at Harbor Beach
Harbor Beach/Sandusky winner vs. Ubly/Cass City winner
EPBP vs USA/Bad Axe winner

Friday, March 11
Title Game

Monday, Feb. 28
Sandusky AT Harbor Beach
Bad Axe AT Cass City
USA – Bye

Wednesday, March 2
These games at Harbor Beach
Harbor Beach/Sandusky winner vs. Ubly/EPBP winner
USA vs. Cass City/Bad Axe winner

Friday, March 4
Title Game


Anonymous said...

How is it determined which school will host these preliminary games on one schools site??

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the team hosting the 2nd games is the actual district host. Yes, there are other teams hosting 1st games, however the 2nd games are at the same place

Anonymous said...

Harbor Beach is a terrible place to hold a district, especially for boys. I have been to district games at Lakers, Sandusky and USA and saw those gyms packed. By holding it at Harbor Beach you have a lot of people unable to attend the game simply because their gym is so small.

Anonymous said...

Its stupid keep it the way it was!!

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that only Lakers, Sandusky, and USA should have the benefit of playing at home.

Chiuk Czlek said...

Way back in the middle ages, games were played at neutral sites. The Class C district tourney was at Bad Axe (then a Class B school)and the Class C regional was at Bay City Central. The Class B regional was usually at the Flint IMA. There were more districts then and the regionals featured 5/6/7 schools.

I remember the 1967 Class C regional held at BCC. 1st game Sebewaing crushed Ubly, and then Saginaw St Stevens played MP Sacred Heart. That game was billed as the state championship game. And indeed it was. MPSH squeaked past SStS and went on to win the state crown.

North Branch played Sebewaing in round two, I don't remember who won but they lost to MPSH in the final. MPSH trounced Montabella in the second round.

Another thing that was nice about the old tourney style was that the site was fairly centrally located for all participants. Its stupid the way they have it now. Harbor Beach playing Sanford Meridian at Memphis!?

Anonymous said...

Harbor Beach had the opportunity to build a High School Gym. They elected to build a Junior High size Gym. That isn't everyone else's fault.

Anonymous said...

Harbor Beach has the best floor to play on though in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Harbor Beach by far has the best gym in the GTE

Anonymous said...

No gym compares to Bad Axe's, say what you will about sitting away from the crowd, but as a player or coach, it is great. They should get to host a district or regional every season.

Anonymous said...

Harbor Beach has a way better floor and it is more fun to have the crowd closer up and it is a lot more loud

Anonymous said...

I agree, one of the best district games I ever saw was at Harbor Beach when USA had Jordan Bitzer and HB had Kevin Ginther. That was a great atmosphere and as a fan it was like you were part of the game

Anonymous said...

i remember that game between Bitzer and Ginther and the place was literally standing room only there was absoluetly no place for anyone to stand let alone sit

Anonymous said...

The best game I've ever been to was USA vs. Saginaw Buena Vista back in the day. Talk about standing room only.

Anonymous said...

I forgot Bad Axe's Gym as a place that holds enough fans to hold a Class C district in the Thumb. I really do dislike being a half mile away from the floor even in the front row...

Some of you say the HB "floor" is so great, tell me why? The floors are all pretty nice in this area with very few exceptions.

I remember that game between USA and HB too, how many people didn't go to the game due to a lack of seating???

Anonymous said...

Worst floor in the area has to be Ubly. When will they ever fix that thing? That is by far the most antiquated Class C facility in the area. Most Middle School gyms are nicer than that one.

Anonymous said...

Let me just add my two cents here. In 10 plus years of covering Thumb basketball, there is no better atmosphere than USA's gym on a Friday night. I've seen my share of Reese, Cass City, Laker and other big games in the past there, and it's very enjoyable each time.

I think the USA gym has the capacity that everyone is looking for, plus it makes you feel like you're on top of the action. When the extra seating is filled, and it's standing room only, it's a very special place to see a game.

This is not a knock on the other gyms in the area, just my take.

I think Lakers' gym is similar, but just not the same seating capacity as USA. Cass City is pretty special too, when it's packed, and people are three deep up stairs. That place can really get loud.

Also, I have no problem with Bad Axe's floor. I think it's unique place to see a game. And I really like Harbor Beach, I always get some of my best photos there. Harbor Beach's new gym is a vast improvement from the old one.

I don't think anyone would disagree with Ubly's gym. If anyone has the money to donate for a new one, I'm sure they would listen.

Paul P.