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Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Thoughts, Anyone?

A whole bunch went on in the world of sports this weekend.
It started on Friday night with the playoffs, went into Saturday with college football, including MSU's pathetic performance against Iowa, and continued Sunday with the Lions and the World Series.

Let us know what you're thinking about these topics on a chilly Monday morning for some discussion.


Bodeen said...

1. MSU is who we thought they were. They reverted back to old habits.
2. UM is in the last year of Rich Rod. He blew up too much coming in and there is too much of a gap for him to make up. Good Riddance!!
3. Great parity(*$@@#+*&^%$) in college football. Looks like the year of the team NOT in the auto BCS.
4. Lions are learning how to win. Being down in the gutter all these many years is a hard thing to break out of mentally. Gonna take some more ups and downs but the future is looking GREAT.
5. Locally, with a couple breaks, the Thumb is gonna have TWO teams go far in the playoffs.
6. Deer season is right around the corner. Better get your longjohns out people!!!

Shane said...

1. The state of Michigan failed to have a D1 college football team garner a win Saturday....Enough said.

2. The Lions are one more solid draft/offseason away from competing for a playoff spot. Calvin Johnson, Suh, and Stafford are cornerstones that the Lions havent had in years.

3. I don't know a lot about Nouvel, should be interesting to see how Ubly does this weekend. Good luck Bearcats!

Chiuk Czlek said...

Big surprise was NO surprise in the 1st round of high school play-offs. Many contest participants went 10 for 10!

State of Michigan D1 football is bad.

After not bothering to watch the Lions since before the turn of the century, I find them mildly entertaining this year.

With the exception of Marine City, a heavy favorite vs Cros-Lex in Div4, the Div5, Div7 and Div8 district championships are up for grabs. My picks are Millington, Ubly and BCAS, but all three games pit very closely matched teams. Would be surprised if any of these games doesn't go down to the wire.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a list of the GTC South All Conference Soccer pics?

coachestake said...

1. Wake-up call / Butt whipping for the Spartans. Hope they can rebound.

2. Michigan is pathetic. The Rich Rod experiment is not working.

3. Great win for the Lions. Listened to the game on the radio while rocking my baby..woke him a couple times with my reactions..oops!

4. Dish finally settled with News Corp ( Fox ). I can finally watch Pistons, Red Wings..ect.

5. Speaking of Pistons. I watched them implode against Chicago in the 4th quarter. No point guard, no center and a very disinterested Rip Hamilton. Could be a long year for my favorite team.

6. Congrat's to Ubly & Deckerville. Hope they make long runs in the playoffs.

7. Boy's Basketball is right around the corner. Looking forward to my new gig as Kingston JV Boy's Coach.

Dan said...

1. What has happened with my alma mater, CMU? I was skeptical of the Enos hire to begin with and this season has done nothing to change my opinion. And now reports are swirling that our prized recruit, QB Alex Niznak from Ithaca, is going to be taking his official visits at other schools. Great.

2. UM needs to fire their D. Coordinator ASAP! There has been no progress since the first week and that is a coaching problem.

3. Pistons?? Who are they?? I lost interest in them when Joe D traded Chauncey, which crippled the franchise and they still havent recovered. Kevin Durant is the only reason I watch the NBA anymore.

4. I hope Ubly lays the smack down on Nouvel. Reese hung tough with them with a freshman at QB (who will be very good by the way). I think a healthy Reese squad would have beaten Nouvel.

5. BCAS/Deckerville could be a classic. BCAS played a tougher schedule and has the best athlete in the Thumb (IMO) running the show. I think it will come down to how well Janer can pass the ball.

6. Opening day is two weeks away!!