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Monday, October 25, 2010

CPS to host 8-man state title game...

Just received a note from Carsonville-Port Sanilac superintendent Harold Titus.
CPS will host Bellaire at 6 p.m. Saturday in the first-ever 8-man state championship game.
Both teams come into the contest at 8-0 overall.
Interested in what people think about the 8-man game, if they have seen it?


coachestake said...

I have a couple thoughts on the CPS "Mythical" State Championship game. For the communities of Carsonville & Port Sanilac this has to be a very exciting time. It has been a long time since CPS has been successful in Football. Although not sanctioned this year as a State Championship game, this is still huge for the school and community. Another thought i have is this. CPS has some very skilled athletes in the 9th-11th grades right now. They really should be 8-0 with the competition they are playing. Right now they have decent numbers in terms of participation, which makes me wonder why they aren't still playing 11 man. I am not aware of the numbers at the Junior High level and maybe that was taken into consideration when making the decision to play 8 man. They could have very easily competed with / possibly beat anyone in the NCTL with the exception of Deckerville. I wish CPS well but i feel like they a very talented "11 man team" playing against JV level competition or below.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

jack and diane said...

Yes u are very correct they are a good team. One of the reasons they are getting all these athletes playing is they are intrested in 8 man. THey want to see what it like so they play and they decide they likke it so they just keep playing and then they talk to there friends and then u get more athletes and i dont think they would do good doing 11 man they would be just like peck at the bottom of the line i seriously think cps peck would be a good game jmo though